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Click here for a PDF version of Faurot & Paulson's joint CV


For the past ten years we have been collaborating on performances that focus on movement as a language of basic human interaction. These works serve as non-linear autobiographical documents. The collection and comparison of our shared and unshared personal experiences are translated and re-assessed through the use of multiple videos, chance improvisation, sound, and the choreography of the breakdown of time.

We are constantly reframing ourselves and our perceptions through timed site-specific movement exercises on camera. The recorded results link the human experience and the event of performance, serving both as filtered documents and as actual video components placed within the live works.

Wed like to share our epiphanies, moments of hopelessness, debauchery, victories, whirlwinds of energy, and secret exchanges through these intimate spectacles. The performances are a celebration and a reminder of everything that can happen all at once. We seek to bring humanness and the body to the public in its most shimmering form, whether it is through a triumphant sensory experience or a grotesque yet celebrated vision of reality.