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Performance Chronology: 2004-2011


Before you ____. Now you ____.
Before we ____. Now we ____.
Before they ____. Now they ____.

English Kills Art Gallery (Bushwick, Brooklyn)
November 12, 2011
/ 7-10pm

3-hour performance by Holly Faurot & Sarah H. Paulson

Music: ABEARICA (part 1) and Anthony Austin & Lucas Van Lenten (part 2)
Video Appearance: Holly Faurot, Ruth Lauer-Manenti
Performers: Laura Barnard Stelmok, Faurot, Daniel Jacobs, Arabella Kauffmann, Gavin Kenyon, Paulson, Angela Vitacolonna, Stephanie Waddell

Press Release:
The performance begins with a 30-minute section during which performers guide pieces of hay between their lips. The movement disperses, and an acupuncture treatment (conducted by acupuncturist Laura Barnard Stelmok) begins in the other room. Paulson, with long grey braids past her waist, sits in a chair, as sculptor Gavin Kenyon chops off her locks. Meanwhile, Faurot continuously brushes her own hair with antique tattered brushes. At the same time, she holds a video monitor displaying her yoga teacher, Ruth Lauer-Manenti, brushing Faurot's hair in a grooming ritual outside. Further back in the space, performers mimic movements executed by Ruth Lauer-Manenti on video monitors in Faurot & Paulson’s signature copy/follow style.

Three pre-recorded videos, as well as a live-feed surveillance video, cycle through a surveillance system and are displayed on 5 monitors interspersed throughout the space.

The first 2-hours of music is composed by ABEARICA. The final hour is performed live by Anthony Austin & Lucas Van Lenten.

Faurot & Paulson will utilize both rooms of English Kills Art Gallery. The audience may enter and exit at any time throughout the three-hour piece.

Available through ABEARICA: Download or listen to the music from the performance

PDF of program and bios.

Thank god for the one who pushes.
"I hope I wait for the hug."

English Kills Art Gallery / January 15, 2011
Created for the Maximum Perception Performance Festival
(Curated by Peter Dobill and Phoenix Lights)

Performers: Holly Faurot, Katurah Hutcheson, Sarah H. Paulson
Video Appearances (2-channel video component):
Faurot and Paulson

Thank god for the one who pushes. "I hope I wait for the hug." refers to the idea of having a certain capacity and respect for a force that is greater--a force that pushes one beyond a place of comfort or familiarity. It references a sense of relief in being lead over a threshold over and over again. It is someone's role to push. It is someone's role to receive. Consistent with an underlying theme in all Faurot & Paulson performances, these roles may reverse.

"Thank god for the one who pushes." This statement reflects gratitude for that which makes one uncomfortable. The growth process happens here, as does the life of the student. It should be noted that Faurot recently completed the Jivamukti Yoga teacher apprenticeship program with Lady Ruth Lauer-Manenti, while Paulson recently began studies in Five Element Acupuncture. Both artists are students within particular traditions and are forever celebrating the relationship between copying and following through their work and lives.

Faurot and Paulson sit back-to-back in reclining chairs with branches and brush in the laps of their nude bodies. Behind each of the artists is a video of herself: Paulson is seen sitting in a wooden antique wheelchair de-needling branches of a pine tree, which lay across her lap, while Faurot alternates between rocking back and forth on a piece of the wheelchair or draping her body over a sawhorse. In both videos, the artists work privately. The videos and the real-time tableaux reference the possible dilemma of being held back from their centers. They wait, however, as a third performer, Katurah Hutcheson, periodically drapes her body across their centers, disregarding the brush that separates their bodies. Faurot & Paulson wait for her hug. The problem is solved, and the question becomes, "Must one be ready for the hug to receive it?" Thank god for the one who pushes.

Bottom photo: Rob Peyrebrune

(studio version)

Performed in the studio of Hannes Priesch (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
December 11, 2010

Concept and painting: Hannes Priesch
Composition and live music: Neil Benezra
Performance: Holly Faurot & Sarah H. Paulson
Voice: Rachel Mason
Guitar: Sam Benezra
Video appearance: Katrina Kruszewski

More photos and information
(Top photo by Mirelle Borra)

Plow Like Hell

The Chocolate Factory / April 30 & May 1, 2010 / 8pm
20-minute performance by Holly Faurot & Sarah H. Paulson to accompany Joel Mellin's "Vortex"

Performers: Holly Faurot, Justine Lynch, Sarah H. Paulson, and Meg Dellenbaugh
Video Appearance: Katurah Hutcheson

Press Release: Holly Faurot & Sarah H. Paulson will perform Plow Like Hell with additional performers Justine Lynch and Meg Dellenbaugh. The 20-minute performance will accompany Joel Mellin's final piece of the hour-long evening. Mellin's 3-dimensional audio tornado will be controlled by the performers' breath. The audio installation/performance will be accompanied by a video of a woman (Katurah Hutcheson) stroking the wall behind her while making eye contact with the viewer via the video camera. Her powerful trancelike appearance waivers between sharp violence and tranquil remembrance. Plow Like Hell cuts through the powers of destruction via the minimal and quietly grotesque.
(Top photo by Iris Jaffe)

TRUCK PUSHER: What I used to be

English Kills Art Gallery as part of the Maximum Perception Performance Festival
Curated by: Peter Dobill & Phoenix Lights

December 12, 2009 / 8pm

1.5-hour performance by Holly Faurot & Sarah H. Paulson
Performers: Anthony Austin (music), Holly Faurot, Daniel Jacobs, Tom McCauley (music), Sarah H. Paulson
Video Appearance: Sarah H. Paulson (under the direction of Matt Dilling)

Check out Hrag Vartanian's live blogging coverage of the performance festival and his reflections.

Us, the Divine, and the Homeless

OPEN Performance Art Festival
(Curator: Jill McDermid / Assistant Curator: Peter Dobill)

Open Realization Contemporary Art Center / Beijing, CHINA
September 6, 2009 / 8pm

1-hour performance by Holly Faurot & Sarah H. Paulson
Performers: Anthony Austin, Lisa Bauer, Li Linxuan, Sarah H. Paulson, Zhang Rui
Video Appearance: Holly Faurot (under the direction of Anthony Austin)

I'll ____ you when I'm out of town

English Kills Art Gallery, Brooklyn, NY / August 1, 2009 / 7-9 pm
2-hour performance by Faurot & Paulson with live music by Ryan Hamilton and George Cherian

Performers: Holly Faurot, Sarah H. Paulson
Video appearance: Mary Margaret Galloup
Video slideshow photographs: Anthony Austin

I'll ____ you when I'm out of town took place during the opening of Faurot & Paulson's solo exhibition Performance Works: 2004-2009 (August 1 - 23, 2009).

(Photos by Iris Jaffe)

Rotten Metal Achievers

Grace Exhibition Space, Brooklyn, NY / July 3, 2009 / 7pm-midnight
Performance by Holly Faurot & Sarah H. Paulson in collaboration with Daniel Bainbridge
Music by Joel Mellin and members of Naam (John Bundy & Ryan Hamilton)

Performers: Daniel Bainbridge, Dennis Faurot, Holly Faurot, Kaitie Fitzgerald, Molly Fitzgerald, Erin Lee Jones, Sarah H. Paulson, Gene Thomson
Video Appearance: Laura Barnard

PRESS RELEASE: Grace Exhibition Space presents Holly Faurot & Sarah H. Paulson's Rotten Metal Achievers, a 5-hour performance of choreographed simultaneous happenings that document how one experiences a constant state of growth and decay. The longtime collaborative duo has joined forces with performance artist Daniel Bainbridge who will introduce the character of Monkey Mop Boy* during a 1-hour interlude beginning at 9pm.

While Faurot & Paulson rotate on dirt-covered limestone slabs, Faurot's father, Dennis Faurot, enters and exits the space, while holding a photograph of Bainbridge's Monkey Mop Boy. Other performers, dancers and non-dancers, take cues from a video of a woman (Laura Barnard) carrying out movements at the edge of a pond. While standing waist-high in water, she instructs and teaches in the rain.

Together, the three artists cross and re-cross individual finish lines throughout Rotten Metal Achievers. They are champions while enduring their footing in piles of dirt. Tests of endurance, precision, and concentration are subtle roadblocks that exist throughout the piece.

Rotten Metal Achievers will feature music by Joel Mellin. Mellin, who has composed music for Faurot & Paulson's work since 2002, will present algorithmically generated and scored computer music with live steel and metal input and accompaniment. John Bundy& Ryan Hamilton, members of the band Naam, will perform a live drone set during the final hour (11pm-midnight).

Rotten Metal Achievers is part of Grace Exhibition Space's contribution to the 2009 Bushwick Biennial.

*Daniel Bainbridge reflects the following about Monkey Mop Boy: There are still a couple of strips of duct tape stuck to Boy's head that were originally used to attach a plastic bag filled with a bit of paint. The bag is gone, but his hand is still miming the gesture. The "huffing" bag is gone... now his gesture implies "blowing." There is a connection between this sexual connotation and the "hand-to-mouth" economic situation. Addicts (of the child paint "huffer") and hookers are close cousins to victims of economic slavery. The big red lips ready to suck... blood suckers, parasites, paint huffers? The eyes are closed... but he has such cute, long eyelashes (taken from the same fake hide of the monkey). Is the monkey a cute little guy that you want to hold and feed from a white milk bottle? Or is the monkey at the end of a stick (at the end of the line). No, I think that the boy's relationship to the monkey mop is kind of innocent. Boy's eyes are closed. He is not asleep. He is not blinking. He is shutting it out. He is imagining something. Maybe he is watching a dreamscape. When I read over the poem you wrote, "... virgin's leg and ass spit small belly feathers; get inhaled by the race horses. No cheeta gets clemency. Out of the foggy gully emerges a golden lair," I find myself in that place between worlds; the creative unconscious, the place that makes us human. The Boy is a whore; but he is enigmatic like Cinderella or St. Therese. He is pathetic but the boy is experiencing a transfiguring state, a window into which he catches a glimpse of ecstasy. There is something extraordinary about him. The Boy is wearing bright pink pants and a forest green turtleneck.

The Boy has a job to do; he is a worker. He is caught in a strange surreal underworld. The monkey mop does two things: 1. It is creepy and absurd, provoking questions about the relationship between animals and humans. 2. It is a humorous invention meant to bring the "fun" back into cleaning. Novelty mops are items purchased by parents for their children. Having to clean would no longer be a form of punishment. This idea reminds me of Tom Sawyer painting the fence. Why do we only see those sexy French maid outfits on Halloween? Why do I always picture Communists in grey jumpsuits? I need the colorful, dysfunctional melting pot of America.

Surrogate lover in the form of a fake white seal; its outer fur is coarse like fine steel wool; the inner stuffing is creamy like artificial cotton balls. The mind must make up for the deficiency. The imagination and repetitive motions bring forth the coiled serpent of the seven circles. The partnership pings and pongs the feathered birdie back and forth, over/above the net. Sweat trickles down and the breath becomes heavy. The intensity in the eyes beam the headlights of hunger traveling through the tunnel, towards the secret trigger. Now we are both together... scissoring our heads together... the many hands become one. I swallowed your world... and it came to me in a dozen white millipedes. When I pulled them out I was relieved and the worms were fine... until my brother flipped one on its back... the scream was of a wind-up machine. Their little legs didn't hurt my throat. You inspire me. Who am I now?

P.S.T. Hank's a lot
"No love in this one"

English Kills Art Gallery, Brooklyn, NY/ March 7, 2009 / 8pm-10pm
A two-hour performance featuring music by members of Naam

Performers: Holly Faurot, Paul L., Sarah H. Paulson, Susie Paulson
Video Appearance: Catherine Serrano
Music by members of Naam: John Bundy and Ryan Hamilton

P.S.T. Hank's a lot / "No love in this one" is a new performance created specifically for PHOENIX LIGHTS: English Kills' contribution to the Arts in Bushwick SITE festival: http://artsinbushwick.org

PHOENIX LIGHTS will feature other performances by:Ryan Brown, Andrew Hurst, Holly Faurot & Sarah H. Paulson, Leah Aron & Mark Shaw, Mark Stafford, Amery Kessler, and Naoki Iwakawa & Hidetaka Takasak

Photos: Iris Jaffe

In 2002 we hooked the scratcher* over our ears and went south: 3 ANGELS
Starr Space, Brooklyn, NY/ December 13, 2008 / 8pm
A seven-minute performance with music by Joel Mellin

"Seven minutes...What the hell are we gonna do with this? Usually, we'd go on for three hours."

Performers: Daniel Bainbridge, Holly Faurot, Sarah H. Paulson
Video Appearance: Hannes Priesch
Costumes: Holly Faurot & Sarah H. Paulson

In 2002 we hooked the scratcher* over our ears and went south: 3 ANGELS is a new performance created specifically for Holly Faurot & Sarah H. Paulson's seven precious minutes of time during Catch 33.

Catch is a multidisciplinary performance series curated by Jeff Larson and Andrew Dinwiddie, and administered by Caleb Hammons.

Catch 33 will feature performances by:Paige Collette & Tatiana Pavela, Half Straddle, Holly Faurot & Sarah H. Paulson, Hannah Heller, Julianna May, MGM Grand, Nellie Tinder, and Noopur Singha

*Go to http://www.faurotpaulson.com/3_ANGELS/scratcher.jpg to see the scratcher.

"It's hard to justify seeking any other form of entertainment on your Saturday night."
- Claudia La Rocco, New York Times

Layers of Lung (lengthened)

The Event Center, Brooklyn, NY
November 22, 2008 / 8-10pm

Faurot & Paulson performed the second version of Layers of Lung during I BELIEVE IN YOU by AUNTS.

Performers: Faurot and Paulson
Video Appearance: Faurot and Paulson

"i believe in you" is a performer-driven, dance curation project that is four consecutive evenings of 3-hour events. AUNTS is inviting 15 - 20 initial artists to start out the curation. They all choose one of the evenings to perform, any of one of the evenings. They then choose another artist to perform another one of the evenings. That artist chooses another artist for another evening, and then that artist chooses the 4th and final artist in the chain.

Nov. 19: Tara O'Con/Leah Ives/Laurie Berg and Liliana Dirks-Goodman/Anne Zuerner/Hanny Ahern/Benjamin Asriel & his hair/Rebecca Wender/Architeuthis Walks on Land -- Amy Cimini, viola -- Katherine Young, bassoon/SHE-DICK/Robot Hands/cakeface/Anna Moench and Meredith Steinberg/Leah Morrison/Dean Street FOO Dance/Ashley Byler

Nov. 20:
Jim Byrne/Genevieve Belleveau/Cheap Cake/Alfie/Novice Theory/Coco Karol/Jesse Wintermute (Glory to the Hole)/Benjamin Asriel & Tim Goossens/Lydia Bell/Natalie Green/Ali Fischer and Eun Jung Choi-Gonzalez/Michael Ingle/Timothy Murray/Colin Stillwell

Nov. 21:
Sarah Beth Percival / Mayumi Ishino / Maggie Bennet / Terry Hempfling / MINA/ Mina Nishimura/Mina CAT/ MOO MAN / Launch Movement Experiment/Jesse Wintermute (Plastic Consumption)/Christine Elmo/Martin Lanz Landazuri/Benjamin Asriel & Leah Nelson/enemyResearch/Miriam Wolf, performance adventure/Mariana Valencia/Rhinoceros Event/Jules Skloot

Nov. 22:
Susan Alcorn/The Roxanne Lola Movement Machine/Source of Yellow/Montzerrat Contreras/Holly Faurot & Sarah H. Paulson/Mariana Valencia/Rhinoceros Event/Megan Byrne/Madeline and Tess/julie fotheringham/Gabbi Rojas/Shizu Homma/Shirotama Hitsujiya/Katie Clancy/Halee Beucler/Clarinda Mac Low/Stephanie Waddell

Layers of Lung
Jajo Art Gallery, Newark, NJ
November 15, 2008 / 8-9pm

"Remembering the ride and all that spirit shit . . . "

Performers: Faurot and Paulson
Video Appearance: Faurot and Paulson

From the press release:
Layers of Lung is 60-minute performance created specifically for The Seven Malformities Performance Festival at Jajo Art Gallery. Seven artists have grouped together to bring you seven acts, most fueled by disease, deformity, and mutilation. Performances will start on the hour, each hour from 5pm until midnight.
Artists include: Rob Andrews, Peter Dobill, Rachel Hoffman, Erik Hokanson, Matt White, and Holly Faurot & Sarah Paulson.

Curator: Jill McDermid (Director, Grace Exhibition Space)
Hosted by Jajo Gallery in accordance with Grace Exhibition Space.

Your Beautiful Grunt

The Stella Adler Studio of Acting and the
Harold Clurman Center for New Works in Movement and Dance Theatre, New York, NY

September 4 & 5, 2008
30-minute performance with music by Joel Mellin

(a shared evening with Nelly van Bommel)

This work was developed in the Harold Clurman Center for New Works in Movement and Dance Theatre Artist-in-Residence Program (MAD-AIR), at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting.

It's not my fault that it was your rock I collided with, or your couch, or your life, Mary, that I was living. They call it chance, and I refuse to apologize.

Special Thanks: Dennis & Ellen Faurot, Lael & Nancy H. Paulson, Alexandra Wells, Mary Cavett, Billy Stamey, The Stella Adler Community, Lite Brite Neon, Anthony A. Austin and Lake Te-ATA, Spirit Man, Erin Lee Jones, Sergio Almarez, BB, Peter Dobill, Chris Harding and English Kills Art Gallery, Billy Stamey, and Middle of Man

"We've destroyed ourselves; we don't have time to haul shit.
Thanks for the rescue."
-Holly Faurot & Sarah H. Paulson, 2008

Performers: Daniel Bainbridge, Mary Cavett, Jessica Cook, Holly Faurot, Kaitie Fitzgerald, Molly Fitzgerald, Sarah H. Paulson, Susie Paulson
Video Appearance: Anthony A. Austin
Custom Furniture: Paul Loebach
Clothing: Linda Fitzgerald

Molly McDonald

Grush Choreography: Susie Paulson
(Photos by Iris Jaffe)

he who Meets Us will adore us

English Kills Gallery, Brooklyn, NY (Bushwick)
August 16, 2008/ 2-hour performance with music by Daniel Shuta

"I'm getting good at this. I wasn't even trying; I took it with me in my hand."
We've been pushing rocks every day. Come rescue us.

Clothing: Linda Fitzgerald
Performers: Julia Bean, Holly Faurot, Sarah H. Paulson
Benches: Paul Loebach
Video Appearance: Anthony A. Austin

MAXIMUM PERCEPTION: CONTEMPORARY BROOKLYN PERFORMANCE is the first exhibition to cover the entire range of contemporary live art produced in Brooklyn.

Curators: Peter Dobill and Chris Harding
Photos: Iris Jaffe

My Meaty Showers

The Chocolate Factory Theater, Long Island City, NY
May 31, 2008
20-minute performance with music by Joel Mellin

My Meaty Showers is a document of our attempt to find closure to what has felt like a 17-week hallucination. Superbowl Sunday 2008 kicked us into something really fucked up, yet propelling. Come celebrate with us.

My Meaty Showers was created specifically for the Movement Research Festival edition of Live Sh-- (curated by Chris Peck and Chase Granoff).

Clothing: Linda Fitzgerald
Performers: Jessica Batten, Holly Faurot, Sarah H. Paulson
Video Appearance: Matt Dilling
Chairs: Paul Loebach
Video Monitors: Cedar Mannan, Nancy H. Paulson

Are you going to sweat on my face, again?

NYCAMS (New York Center for Art & Media Studies), New York
November 17, 2007 / 3 hour performance with music by Joel Mellin

NYCAMS (New York Center for Art & Media Studies) will present Are you going to sweat on my face, again?, a one-night-only performance by Holly Faurot & Sarah H. Paulson. This new work marks the institution of the Sequence System, an automatic cycling of multiple video components used to choreograph the breakdown of time and movement within a non-linear performance installation. This system is a development of the Surveillance System, a physical network of bodies controlling one another through movement, video, improvisation, and sound.

Eight performers are stationed along the periphery of the gallery. Some performers sit awkwardly in what seem to be backwards chairs, while others take cues from videos and one another. The videos displayed on three LCD monitors generate subtle movements that gain emphasis from the performers� partially exposed bodies. Meanwhile, the artists periodically pass through the audience and retreat to a freestanding pink neon-lit room in the center of the space.

A multi-channel video device cycles through a series of four videos, two of which are live feeds. The first pre-recorded video component consists of edited footage of Chimaera, natural clusters of fire located on a mountain five miles from Olympos, Turkey, which the artists shot in May 2007. Another pre-recorded component features a seated man on an industrial rooftop. His intense focus and partially hidden arm movements hint at interactions taking place off-camera.

Are you going to sweat on my face, again? is executed by ten performers, including the artists, and features sound by Joel Mellin, an experimental computer music composer who writes software using JMSL (Java Music Specification Language). The performance is presented in the round. The audience is invited to walk alongside the performance and experience the work from multiple vantage points. Viewers may enter and exit at any time throughout the three-hour work. Optional seating is provided.

Clothing: Linda Fitzgerald
Performers: Jessica Cook, Holly Faurot, Kaitie Fitzgerald, Molly Fitzgerald, Onnie Mancino, Troy Ogilvie, Sarah H. Paulson, Susie Paulson, Emily Poole, and Sarah Aphrodite Stolwijk
Chairs: Paul Loebach
Video Appearance:

Daniel Bainbridge

Neon: Lite Brite Neon

Are you going to sweat on my face?

NURTUREart, Brooklyn
November 9, 2007 / 7-9pm
2 hour performance during the opening of Bodies Of/At Work curated by Brian Balderston

Featured artists in the exhibition include: Hilary Basing, Nell Breyer, Andrea Cote, Peter Dobill, Holly Faurot and Sarah H. Paulson, Joshua Eggleton, Marshall Marice and Jose Ruiz.

From the press release:
A man explains the triumph of conceptual art over craftsmanship to a stuffed octopus, another inexplicably flies through the door of his suburban garage, and another dances with his projected alter ego to ward off loneliness. Add to this spectacle aerobics videos, sand-swallowers, discombobulating camera tricks and trained dancers, and you have Bodies of/at Work. An exhibition of both new and old media, performance, and self-redefining ideas, curator Brian Balderston highlights the work of nine emerging artists who move beyond generic body-politics to find new, personal statements of the self. Here, the artists are no longer preoccupied with classical concerns of depictive figuration. Rather, they transform living, breathing bodies literally and metaphorically into sites and tools of art making by addressing elements of self-portraiture, performance, identity politics and location in time and space, which in turn, redefines the contemporary, conceptual understanding of the self.

Event Center Performance

As part of Hoedown Hall, an AUNTS event
November 1, 2007 / 8-10pm / 2 hour performance with Gavin Kenyon

Hoedown Hall is a performer-driven, dance curation project that evolves over the course of a month in four consecutive 3-hour events. AUNTS invited 15 artists to perform in the first event; these artists were responsible for each selecting an artist to represent them in the next event; those artists selected were responsible for the line-up of third event, and so forth. The evening is the typical, over-stimulated AUNTS style where multiple performances of varying mediums may be happening simultaneously; everyone can social dance.

November 1 - November 8 - November 15 - November 29 /
Melanie untouchable - Melanie Maar - Leo van Vienna - M. M. leaves home / Christine Shallenberg - Chris Giarmo - Tymberly Canale - Cynthia Hopkins / Arturo Vidich - Elizabeth Ward - Jessica Ray - Leslie Cuyjet / Kyle Abraham - Benjamin Asriel - Richert Schorr - Eva Schmidt / Isabel Lewis - LEWIS FOREVER - George Lewis Jr. - Isabel Lewis and Her Private Life / Heather Olson - Jeff Larson - Larissa Velez - Hilary Clark / Regina Rocke - eto oro - N/A - SHOTGUN WEDDING / Melinda Ring and Liz Young - we - Chih Chun Huang - Bret Mantyk / Devika Wickremesinghe - Jo Kirk - Katie Patchett and Melina Gac-Artigas - Leah Nelson & Benjamin Asriel / Megan Byrne - Abi Sebaly - Cathy Richards - DefiANCE / David Hurwith, Melinda Buckwater - Jen Harmon - 4 TBD / Colin Stillwell - Gillian Gormon - Laurie Berg - Jacqueline Fritz Scammaster / Nancy Garcia - Felicia Ballos & Rich Aldrich - (2 reps) Nancy Garcia, Theo Angell - Zoraida (Nancy), Liz Haley (Theo) / Paul Singh - Jen Schmermund - Darrin Wright - MGM / Holly Faurot & Sarah H. Paulson - The Cook Sisters - Eleanor Bauer w/ Femke Gyselinck: At Large and Ongoing - Jane T. Pants /

*This event is sponsored, in part, by the Greater New York Development Fund of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, administered by the Brooklyn Arts Council, Inc. (BAC).

I want to see you limp with pleasure

Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, New York
November 30, 2006 / 2 hour performance with sound by Joel Mellin

In I want to see you limp with pleasure, the artists sit atop ottomans, performing private gestures, as they act as distant directors of the two-hour nonlinear event. The remaining ten performers in the adjacent room take cues from the artists via live feed video displayed on multiple monitors. Performers also rely on two pre-recorded videos to dictate their movements and boundaries. In one video, a woman executes fleeting gestures, while in another, an ambiguous animal form is caught by a surveillance camera. Selected performers are responsible for actively switching the videos on the monitors. Chance occurrences and retreats from the system fuel the self-regulating work.

This performance took place in conjunction with Peggy Jarrell Kaplan's Contemporary Dance: Portraits of Choreographers, Chez Bushwick Presents, and Yvonne Rainer's reading from her book Feelings Are Facts.

Clothing: Linda Fitzgerald
Performers: Jessica Batten, Jessica Cook, Holly Faurot, Kaitie Fitzgerald, Molly Fitzgerald, Taylor Garrabrant, Yasamin Keshtkar, Kristin Licata, Troy Ogilvie, Sarah H. Paulson, Susie Paulson, and Emily Poole
Video Appearance:

Doris Reyes

You have access to my cold limbs

NYCAMS (New York Center for Art & Media Studies), New York
March 14, 2006 / 2 hour performance with sound by Joel Mellin

You have access to my cold limbs is a continuation of Faurot and Paulson's work with the Surveillance System. This new work is stripped of the highly saturated installation elements of their previous performances and leaves the audience with the institutional aloofness of walls, benches, video monitors, and bodies in cubicle-like spaces.

Faurot and Paulson act as behind-the-scenes regulators as they trigger the actions and decisions of bodies within the space through pre-recorded and live video. The artists are stationed opposite what they refer to as The Hot Box - an isolated representation of the surveillance systems that quietly permeate our private and social structures. Performers retreat to this space and engage in private physical exchanges before feeding back into the cyclical momentum of the control network.

Benches: Paul Loebach
Clothing: Linda Fitzgerald, Holly Faurot
Performers: David Branum, Jessica Cook, Craig Dempsey, Holly Faurot, Kaitie Fitzgerald, Molly Fitzgerald, Puk Harvey, Sarah H. Paulson, Susie Paulson, Elena Podgorny, Emily Poole, and Sarah Aphrodite Stolwijk
Video Appearance:

Lael Paulson

Hot Box audio: Trokon Nagbe
On the low roof

Private performance / Brooklyn, NY
January 30, 2006 / 7:00 � 7:30 am

In this private rooftop performance, the artists take turns closing their eyes to carry out roles based on physical manipulation and improvisation. In the cold weather, temperature becomes a metaphor for the location and levels of movement.

On the low roof served as a study for the development of You have access to my cold limbs.

Performers: Holly Faurot & Sarah H. Paulson
tracking you tracking me

Public performance / 5th Avenue & 89th St., New York
November 9-11, 2005 / 7:30 � 8:30 pm

The artists mimic and interact with the public and one another in this three-day performance series during Performa 05. Each day the artists carried out a different set of instructions related to the gestures of unsuspecting audience members.

The performance took place during the first three days of Marina Abramovic�s Seven Easy Pieces at the Guggenheim.

Performers: Holly Faurot & Sarah H. Paulson
Spring Fever

P.I.T. (Projects In Transit), Brooklyn, NY
July 30, 2005 / 2 hour installation/performance with sound by Joel Mellin

Two male performers stationed in separate garden scenes take cues from pre-recorded video and one another. They pose and move in a trans-like state, occasionally scooping up dirt and depositing it into two holes in their skirts. The remaining three female performers stand between a brick wall and their individual piles of dirt. They alternate between following movements displayed on video monitors and interacting with the dirt.

Clothing: Linda Fitzgerald
Performers: Darwin Black, Kaitie Fitzgerald, Molly Fitzgerald, Andrew Lee, and Emily Poole
Video Appearance: Sarah H. Paulson and Nathan Rosenberg
90 minutes: Basting/Flouring II

P.I.T. (Projects In Transit), Brooklyn, NY
May 14, 2005 / 90 minute performance with sound by Daniel Shuta

Part II of 90 minutes: Basting/Flouring includes two additional performers and a live video feed component.

Clothing: Linda Fitzgerald
Performers: Holly Faurot, Mackenzie Fitzgerald, Craig Long, and Sarah H. Paulson
Instructional Audio:
Holly Faurot
Video Appearance: Holly Faurot and Gavin Kenyon
90 minutes: Basting/Flouring I

Spark Contemporary Art Space, Syracuse, NY
May 14, 2005 / 90 minute performance with sound by Daniel Shuta

The artists explore power positions, object/movement relationships, and internal/external surveillance systems, as they alternate between collecting flour in vinyl torso pouches and basting their environment with oil. Faurot and Paulson follow instructions from a two-channel video installation and audio prompts.

Clothing: Linda Fitzgerald
Performers: Holly Faurot and Sarah H. Paulson
Instructional Audio Voice:
Gavin Kenyon
Video Appearance: Holly Faurot, Gavin Kenyon, and Sarah H. Paulson
Sunset Beach

P.I.T. (Projects In Transit), Brooklyn, NY
September 25, 2004 / 2 hour installation/performance with sound by Joel Mellin

While standing in a beach scene complete with one-ton of sand, the performers follow movement instructions displayed on multiple monitors. The glamorous appearance is disrupted by moments during which the performers scoop up fruit in their hands, chew it, spit it out, and deposit it in clear vinyl hip pouches attached to their swimsuits.

Clothing: Linda Fitzgerald
Performers: Jessica Batten, Samantha Brewer, Holly Faurot, Molly Fitzgerald, & Jenny Hegarty
Video Appearance: Sarah H. Paulson